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About Hot"Sauce"Rodz


My Mission:

To raise the awareness of the Gourmet Hot Sauce as condiment for all occasions, not just for heat but to add a unique flavor dimension to the arsenal of the home chef. Add to that mission is a major push to make the world aware that it is OK to Sauce Beer and other beverages!



My Gourmet Pecan Smoked Hot Sauces are made with a process in which the peppers are smoked/roasted/dried with pecan wood, soaked in pecan wood aged White Balsamic vinegar and smoked again and again if necessary to develope their sweet smokiness and tempered heat (relatively!) and then blended with the vinegar mix appropriate to the sauce. The smoker is not used for meat/poultry/fish so no oily tastes are imparted. There are no additional ingredients not in the name of the sauce, with the exception of Corriander in the Green sauces and Vanilla Bean in the Balsamic Reduction sauce.


The Start of it all:

I am an avid gardener, utilizing (to the best of my abilities in an urban environment) natural and organic gardening practices, avid amateur culinary chemist and all around gadgeteer. Mix that with my love of BBQ methods of the world and my love of spicy (probably out of character for a white boy from the Midwest) add several years of experimentation with recipes in my head and you see in these sauces the beginnings of what I am going toward. The Pecan Smoked Habanero Hot Sauce came first, but then I wanted a dessert sauce... Enter the Pecan Smoked Balsamic Reduction. At first I intended for it to be used where the Italians would use a regular Aged Balsamic Reduction sauce, but with a heat and added complexity that the peppers could add. it was OK, but needed more... Enter vanilla beans and pecan wood aged White Balsamic vinegar to the mix and I have seen the light! Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint, and Coffee Ice Cream; coffee, fruit, fish, chicken, meats (my friends tell me, I don't eat red meat)... I think you get my drift. Both the Habanero and Balsamic Reduction sauces are incredible in IPAs, Ales and Stouts and put them in a Bloody Mary, Mojito, Mint Julep, Bellini, Mud Slide... Again you get my drift, experiment! The other sauces come out of filling other niches I've found needed filling. 


Look for infused oils and speciality mustards in the future as well as other pepper blends!


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